Including an email address in email signatures?

“Should I include my email address in my email signature?”, this is a common question we get on an almost daily basis. Some experts will tell you that having your email address within your email signature is a complete waste of time. Like saying “here is my email address at the bottom of this email, from the email address you just received this email.” However, others will say it’s essential and not including it is almost as crazy.

Our thoughts are that it doesn’t hurt to include your email address within the signature. After all, think about the times when your email gets forwarded to someone you don’t know.  Some mail clients are better at others at handling sender details, some are not, and may only display your name, so if your email gets forward, your email address may very well disappear.

So, with that in mind, if it’s not always obvious who sent the original email it makes complete sense to include your email address within your email signature, especially if its a well-designed email signature at the end of a long email chain – it’s going to stands out.

OK, so you’re all now going to include your email address in your email signature, and when you do make sure it’s linked, using the mailto: markup.  This way anyone can simply click on your email address.


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