Plain text emails are a winner every time.

As a designer, I often get asked to help create email templates for marketing campaigns. And while this would be a great source of revenue for The Guru, we’d rather focus on doing the right thing for our customers. The Guru tells us that people don’t actually like those fancy emails, we’re bombarded by glossy email and so we’re started to automatically switch off. So instead of spending the time on creating a template, then making sure it works in multiple clients and devices, we help our customers focus on what they need to say. After all your prospects and customers don’t really care about templates and colour schemes. So why should you?

Our advice to those who ask about email campaigns is to think about the message and to create plain-text emails. Email that looks like they’ve come from your standard email client, and that feel like a real conversation. When creating a marketing campaign email, they should be written as if you are talking to your prospect. Sounds old-fashioned, but with everybody claiming to be the best, biggest, fastest or cheapest people are becoming more sceptical. So instead of following the herd with fancy email automation, keep in simple, short and to the point and get your prospects involved in a conversation.

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